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The Lan-Tech company was founded in 2001 with the intention to answer the increasing demand of providing high level communication solutions and fast supply of communication and computer equipment.
The company works with: all sectors of industry, private costumers, small and medium business, enterprise and big organizations. Likewise, we work with many states around the world.
We employ experts and engineers with experience of 20 years and above in the fields of communications, computers and telephony, which enable apply advanced communication solutions accordingly to the needs of the costumer.

The personal treatment, high professionalism, including a building of configuration, consultation about the product and the suitable solution to the organization, execution of pilot installations, guidance, service and warranty, are great contributors to the high satisfaction of our customers.

To the company business partners all over the world who enable to offer varied equipment, new, refurbished and used and in unopposed prices (obligation to the most attractive prices).

To the company Lan-Tech there is the ability to execute communication solutions and implementing projects strictly on high level professionalism in a variety of the fields of the communication.

We obligate to the most competitive prices in Israel, including technical support, high availability in responding to solutions and equipment supply (in an urgent possible case until 2 working days provide).

The Lan-Tech company is dynamic and fast working (without clumsy unnecessary bureaucracy).

Warranty and fast service, including standby equipment which exist in our warehouse (as alternative equipment at the time of malfunctions).

The staff that stand at your service, including experts and engineers to moderate professional solutions for all demands of the communication and the computers includes installations and integration responsibly full (turnkey project).

Lan-Tech company and Communications Systems
Phone: +972(0)-995-66-908 | Fax: +972(0)-995-67-154
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Address: 46 Ben Gurion Street, Herzliya

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