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 Business Telephony


  Telephone exchanges are actually concentration telephone lines under a single unit, allowing distribution and routing of incoming calls and in the call center. Currently based in telephone communication, any organization is seeking to improve the ability of telephone response and telephonic communications within the organization while maintaining the highest standards.

Choosing a switchboard should be made respectively for the purposes of the organization as a wide variety of communications solutions for businesses in the market today offer many new applications and advanced on a frequent basis. The maximum efficiency of the switchboard might be the difference between success and failure when it comes to a company or organization which has to find potential customers or to provide a fast and efficient response.

Business communications solutions offer integrated telephone exchanges of various kinds:
  • IP PBX - PBX solution that enables communication between the centers and the central sites of the organization - by linking branches, using a local phone number abroad, saving phone calls and video in front of representatives abroad without disrupting current operations of the system in the country and in addition to routing calls and messages built IP switchboard.
  • A switchboard for customer – representative communication's solution. This PBX may include identifying customer information on a computer screen's delegate receives the referral, Identifying outgoing calls, the ability to transfer calls between representatives and even outside the organization, integrating fax messages, correspondence and auto dial interfaces.
  • The call center PBX - PBX that combines several communication solutions together. Solution to customers - by prioritizing calls by indices Client Company, listen relevant information to the customer while waiting representative. Solutions representatives - by viewing customer details before making the call, displaying the estimated load at the center of a real-time service, face auto dialer service centers. Solutions for data and control system - by recording conversations in real-time activity reporting focus (load, representatives, calls Received and abandoned calls) and backup data on top of the system.

Panasonic PBX offers a solution Advanced Communication based on broadband (Internet) or network of computers which allows, in addition to improving communication, synchronization between the computer network phone calls, regular updating of the system in real time, information is updated management and control while maintaining high reliability and match most organization needs.

In addition to the switchboard itself, Panasonic offers accessories, terminal equipment and phone applications which are not depended on geographic location and allow you to use your laptop as an extension applications, chat, webcams, recording & call recording, monitoring, and listening to calls, manage call routing and advanced options abbreviated dialing, a voice messaging where the customer can leave messages that will reach a service representative via email and will be accessible anywhere and anytime, call management of many participants.

All while maintaining the ease and convenience of use to the customer and organization representatives specially adapted for the purposes of the Israeli market and economic activity.

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