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  Cisco belives that the consumers are their first priority and non-breakable part of the company's DNA. Therefore the importance of working and making long terms partnerships with consumers, in order to recognize their needs and provide the best solutions to support the success. Cisco company has bought variety of companies and merged its products into one homogenous controlling center.

The company's precption is that the solutions are the motivation for dealing with specific challenges of a costumer since the establishment of Cisco. The company manufacturers products for the internet enviorment, huge organizations, trading companies, business corporations, and actually all variety of costumers.

Cisco products meet the requirments of all type of costumers and sectors: small & medium bussiness (SMB), big bussiness and organizations spreading world wide. The products are suitable for: internal network, cloud services, meshed networks, servers, conferences - switches, routers, wireless, firewall etc.

Lan-Tech company and Communications Systems
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Address: 46 Ben Gurion Street, Herzliya

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