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 Data Center Cabinets


  A data center is a large-scale facility where computer systems and related network equipment is housed. A data center usually houses large-scale storage systems along with telecommunications devices. Numerous network components are connected within the center in order to provide seamless connectivity.

Most of the network equipment is kept in data center cabinets. These are not ordinary cabinets. The network equipment housed in a data center continues to operate round the clock. A significant amount of heat is generated as a result of that. Hence, if housed in an ordinary cabinet, the equipment is susceptible to overheating and permanent damage. That is why specialized data center cabinets are used.

The Distinction between Ordinary Cabinets and Data Cabinets
Data center cabinets are usually made out of special metal alloys or industrial scale plastic. They are kept on the floor, and can come with wire mesh doors. This allows maximum ventilation for the equipment housed inside. You can choose from a wide range of cabinets at Lantech, one of the best places to buy your network equipment.

Depending upon the size of the organization and the amount of network equipment to be housed in a data center, the number of cabinets will vary. Standard equipment, such as a basic Juniper access-point is also housed within these cabinets. Juniper is a famous company that manufactures a range of network equipment.

Data center cabinets are usually available in different sizes. They are floor- to- ceiling cabinets that are placed in line in a large room. The placement is very important, since it allows for maximum ventilation. Some cabinets also include tubes running along the sides that keep the equipment cooled round the clock with the help of cool water. They also include safety measures to shut down in case of overheating.

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