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 Fortigate Router


  The simple definition of a router is a device that can forward data packets between different computer networks. However, this is quite rudimentary. A router basically creates a connection between two or more data lines from different networks. Many people tend to confuse routers with network switches. However, the two are very different. The network switch only connects data lines from a singular network.
Many companies manufacture routers. For instance, you can find a Fortigate router quite commonly in the market. Another commonly available router is the Nortel router. Nortel is a multinational company that offers a range of different GSM and CDMA core network products. On the other hand, Fortigate offers a greater variety of routers and other network components.

Selecting your Router
Buying a Fortigate router requires you to have a careful understanding of the environment where you will use it as well as the applications. For instance, industrial scale routers are environmentally hardened and tougher compared to standard routers.
The Fortigate router line offers several sections. It doesn’t matter if you want to boost up your network security, or want to set up a new network for your small business, Fortigate offers solutions for all situations. The company’s proprietary FortiOS operating system actively monitors all threats and ensures that your network remains protected.

The Lantech Solution
Lantech offers you a wide variety of different network components. It doesn’t matter what type of Fortigate router you are looking for; you can get it here. Fortigate network components can be used in numerous industries, starting from entry-level UTM appliances that are useful in retail or small office networks to high performance firewalls and routing solutions for multinationals and corporations. LanTech is your one- stop shop for all Fortigate and Nortel products. You can select from a wide range of network products.

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