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 Hp Procurve


  Hp Procurve focus is about making extensive enviroment and conectrate in connecting peoples to the power of technology all around the world.

The technology assist in removing barriers and making home, work and community independence. Technology helps strengthing and improving the functional abillities of electronic systems and IT systems, including desktop and mobile computers, tablets, mobile phones, printers and more.

Hp Procurve products are suitbale for home, bussiness and organizations - in fact, Hp products meet the needs of any type of custumer. The company's products are: desktop and mobile computers, workstations, servers, screens, printers, tuners and equipment for printers, information systems and backup, networking equipment, etc.

Lan-Tech company and Communications Systems
Phone: +972(0)-995-66-908 | Fax: +972(0)-995-67-154
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Address: 46 Ben Gurion Street, Herzliya

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