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  The Tele & Data Communications world containing private communications with business communications are in constant pursuit for solutions to the most advanced technology more communication solutions that will streamline the existing communication systems. It seems that one of the most advanced communications solutions brought by the computer age and the Internet is IP telephony that allows the existence of advanced IP PBX that replace more and more the old traditional PBX (the analogue switching board).

Before entering the main IP to use, the main known PBX were those which operating in cooperation and linking of multiple phone lines. Since now quite a lot of the activities and work of businesses and companies rely on Internet and computer network, it only naturally requested that telephone switchboards will be upgraded to advance and updated communications methods.

In the private sector using IP telephony or IP switchboard means the ability to make phone calls over the Internet, which is becoming increasingly common in recent years. However, when it comes to the business sector (organizations & enterprises) the options which provide IP PBX, become much more meaningful. Because the business world is becoming every year more and more global, there isenormous importance of communication capabilities between continents, which has gotten especially since the use of IP PBXs.

IP PBXs allow all the options and possibilities that existed in older PBXs and communications solutions and which should suit the needs of any business or company. When choosing an IP PBX there is a need to decide whether it is necessary to route calls, auto answer, fax services, etc. But IP PBX enables much more features and options of advanced technologies. Its biggest advantages are that it is more flexible and can be customized for every new technological development which will in the future.

That's why even managers of small businesses who believe that due the size of their business, there is no need to purchase an IP PBX and can remain with the existing small PBX, it is still recommended to make a progress and become more sophisticated; i.e.- convert the older PBX to IP PBX which can adapt itself to any new service or new development in the future and beyond, because it is based on a computer network enables reliable tracking and tidy switchboard activity from anywhere in the world.

Those who choose to purchase the "normal PBX", might find themselves down the road without the ability to connect and interface to the conventional methods of communication in the business world, as the use of IP based technology will only increase in the future. So even those who do not use Internet media as part of their business or company, it is recommended to adopt the use of IP PBX which creates the right combination of using the phone lines or Internet calls, voice mail or answering human and all will know to provide communication solutions to the latest and adapt itself to those of the future.

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