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  Juniper networks is all about networking innovations. From networking products for data-centers, from consumers to cloud providers services, Juniper networks provides software, compoments and systems that improve netwroking experience.

The network plays a major part in dealing with critical challenges we face as a global community. The health industry, for example, where the network is the foundation for new ways of treating impaired communities. Or the energy industry, in which the network helps speeding up spreading the knowledge of clean sources, and renewable energy. In education, the network continues to expand the access for high quality teaching sources, so that peoples of any socioeconomic condition have equal opportunity to get educated and join the world economy system.

In its fundamental, the network became one platform of how we communicate with government organizations, managing our bussiness daily, and connecting with family and friends.

The company products meet the needs of all organizations types, services providers and public sector. Some of Juniper Networks products: networking switches, routers, wireless equipment, network managment, security and networking softwares.

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