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 Lantronix Switch


  Internet connectivity is an absolute requirement in any small or large-scale business. While there is a difference in scalability, virtually every organization requires a degree of control over the transfer of data. One of the main components of standard network equipment is a network switch.
In order to create a local area network, a Lantronix switch is an excellent choice. Lantronix is one of the top companies in the market right now, and manufactures a wide range of network equipment. At LanTech, you can get numerous Lantronix network components, ranging from network switches and terminal servers to Lantronix wireless components.

What Does It Do?
The Lantronix switch is a complete line of different network switches that are designed for use in rugged and demanding conditions. If you are looking for industrial switches, Lantronix is an excellent choice. The switches are DIN- rail mountable and comply with IEC61000-6-2 EMC generic standards of immunity, which are common in an industrial environment. It can be connected to a wide range of nodes and provides network regulation with ease.

Why Lantronix?
Depending upon the model you choose, the specifications may vary slightly. However, the Lantronix switch offers a minimum of 10/100 Ethernet ports while also offering the option of a fiber optic interface. They can be mounted on a wall, shelf or a DIN- rail.
The switch also comes with two redundant power inputs. This allows it to be used with applications that require environmentally hardened switches. If you are looking for a long-term solution, the Lantronix switch is an excellent choice. It provides maximum value for money. Also, the company manufactures a range of different switches. Hence, you can purchase a smaller one for a small business organization, or a larger switch depending on your needs. Lantronix is one of the most reliable companies in the market.

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