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 Lantronix KVM


Exploring Information about Lantronix KVM

A Lantronix KVM allows you to use an IP network for your server management. KVM refers to keyboard, video and mouse. This option tends to be quite affordable for the services and level of security that you get. It is also scalable and flexible solution with a package that is compact, cable friendly and zero-footprint. Lantronix KVM allows for a direct connection to the server and it is more affordable than traditional KVM options.

What is an IP KVM?
A Lantronix IP KVM allows for BIOS level and LAN/WAN access to all computers. It uses a KVM over IP, a USB mouse and a USB keyboard to allow for this access, saving both time and space.

Understanding the Purpose of a Router
A Lantronix router takes data packets and works to send them between different computer networks. This allows for the creation of an overlay internetwork.

Exploring the Uses of a Switch
Choosing the right Lantronix switch means that you can use a single monitor, mouse and keyboard to manage multiple servers. This also reduces space, electricity, cabling and hardware for your servers, while still ensuring that they are working flawlessly.

If you need a way to manage your geographically distributed IT equipment remotely, Lantronix KVM is a solid option. Mission critical servers throughout the globe can be quickly accessed by the system administrators. A Lantronix KVM allows for easy access so that your servers are always well-maintained and any issues can be quickly addressed.
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