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 Telephone Exchanges


  In a world where fast and quality connection in an organization is necessary for the operation of a good business, it is important to purchase communications equipment from a well known and established company. Lan- Tech sells professional PBXs for major businesses and organizations, qualitative phone systems and related communications equipment.

PBX is a key tool in organizations, to ensure good communication between the different parts of the organization and fast connection between employees inside the organization. When purchasing a PBX, whether it's a standard PBX or an IP PBX, it is important to consider few parameters such as quality of the switchboard (PBX) and the communication line, ease and convenience of use and operation, and of course the various capabilities and options of the system, like routing calls lapped, auto answer, answering machine, music on hold, integrating wireless telephones and so on.

Telephony in the business can significantly improve the convenience of work. By using professional PBX, it is easy and comfortable to manage even a large organization.  When purchasing a new PBX, it's important to check the devices, as well as communications infrastructure which the switchboard is based on. Various phones are suitable for different types of businesses so it is advisable to make sure that what you get on the phone it is also a good solution to what the business requires.

A good PBX is part of enterprise communications solutions, whilst Internet network, LAN and quality communication lines are complimentary.
Fiber Optics can be a good solution for the demand of high quality and fast lines, as they allow greater speed and more reliability.
It is important to see the PBX as an integral part of the communications solutions in the organization, including wired and wireless computers communications. Therefore, when upgrading the business, it is recommended to check general upgrade of all computer systems, communications systems, including communications equipment and PBX replacement.

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